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Entrusted by society to create a sustainable world and enhance the global quality of life, civil engineers serve competently, collaboratively, and ethically as master:
planners, designers, constructors, and operators of society’s economic and social engine -- the built environment

  • stewards of the natural environment and its resources;
  • innovators and integrators of ideas and technology across the public, private, and academic sectors;
  • managers of risk and uncertainty caused by natural events, accidents, and other threats; and
  • leaders in discussions and decisions shaping public environmental and infrastructure policy.


The Mission of Civil Engineering Department is to produce outstanding Civil Engineering graduates with highest ethics. The department aims in imparting strong basic and applied research for National needs to serve industry, profession and community through novel solutions. We achieve this mission through our teaching, research,

and public service activities by
  • Educating, inspiring, and mentoring future leaders of our profession and society that are prepared to meet 21st century challenges in a global economy.
  • Performing forward-looking research — both applied and theoretical — that will positively impact and improve our profession and society.
  • Serving as a reliable, highly capable resource for society, the profession, and the university through activities in professional organizations, campus committees, consultancy, and continuing education.
About Department

The Department of Civil Engineering has been in existence in PVKKIT since 2009 and has grown into a full fledged department with specializations in all the major areas of Civil Engineering. The departmental activities embrace Planning, Design, Construction and Management. The academic programmes, B. Tech., M.Tech., of the Civil Engineering department at PVKKIT are some of the best in the country.. Many of our alumni hold prestigious positions in leading academic institutions, industry and government in different states all over the country. The department has developed strong links with the building and construction industry and academic and research, both within and outside the state. Besides high quality teaching and instruction at both UG and PG levels, the Department is actively involved in basic and applied research and consultancy and provides high quality technical advisory support through various R D projects and consultancy to various organizations. The Department of Civil Engineering with its multifaceted faculty continues to maintain and cultivate its strong links with the infrastructural industry and academic and research institutions both within and outside the state.

Objectives of department:

  • Graduating qualified engineers equipped with essential skills and knowledge to comprehend and deal with modern Civil Engineering trends
  • Keeping up with the state-of-practice in Civil Engineering disciplines through continuous review, evaluation and modification of the curriculum.
  • Promoting scientific research and studies, which address local, regional and international problems.
  • Establishing partnership with local, regional and international companies and agencies to enhance and nourish the education process and scientific research.