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To Accomplish and maintain International Eminence and become a Model Institution for Higher learning through dedicated Development of minds, Advancement of Knowledge and Professional skills to meet the Global demands.

To emerge as a prominent Institution at the National level by developing Entrepreneurs of the Future India.


To set high Standards of Comprehensive Education by developing the intellectual strength of students and synergizing the efforts of Department.

To nature the development of skills ,attitude and core competence, inspire innovation faster excellence in students to enable them shine in their academic.

About Department

This department to vertebrae of the entire Engineering education process exist right from the inception of the college (2008) and is efficientlyupporting the engineering Departments by providing high quality of training in basic sciences.

Headed by the most experienced and highly qualified Professor, this Department has English, Mathematics, physics and Chemistry under its awning.

Almost all the staff members in this department are well experienced and working in this reputed institution for many years. In addition , over the years, this is the only Department that has the highest number of doctorates with specialization in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.


To impart basic concepts of science, establish the Department as a research centre and cater to needs of the students community towards the development of the nation. To fulfil the objective, over the years the department hascreated an excellent infrastructure, laboratories and a dedicated team of faculty.