Mechanical Engineering

Laboratory Information

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S.No Name of the Lab Year and Sem
1 Electrical Engineering Lab / Electronics Engineering Lab II B.TECH I SEM
2 Material Science Lab/ Mechanics of Solids Lab II B.TECH I SEM
3 Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery Lab II B.TECH II SEM
4 Manufacturing Technology Lab II B.TECH II SEM
5 Heat Transfer Lab III B.TECH I SEM
6 Thermal Engineering Lab III B.TECH I SEM
7 Metrology Lab & Machine Tools Lab III B.TECH II SEM
8 Advanced English Communication Skills Lab III B.TECH II SEM
9 Instrumentation and Control Systems Lab IV B.TECH I SEM

Fuels & Lubricants Lab

Fuel characteristics like viscosity, calorific value, flash fire points etc are analyzed. Fossil fuels and greases using viscometers, calorimeters, flash and fire points apparatus. A Bomb calorimeter and a Junker’s calorimeter satisfy the required needs for the determination of the calorific value of the solid, liquid and gaseous fuels.

Workshop Practice

Students get hands on experience on various trades like fitting, carpentry, house wiring and various production process like foundry, forging, welding. The laboratories are provided with excellent equipment.

  • Workshop Practice

Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machines Lab

The latest version of the impulse type pelton turbine have been installed for studying the various operational characteristics like efficiency, run away speed etc. single stage, multi stage centrifugal and reciprocating pumps are installed to study their performance and characteristics. Equipment like Jet apparatus, Orifice and Venturimeter have been installed for studying Jet forces and flow velocities.

Metallurgy and Instrumentation Lab

Various Ferrous and non-ferrous materials are studied with the help of microscopes for their micro structure, hardness, toughness and tensile strength. Computer software with camera for analyzing and strong micro structure data is available. The lab is equipped with latest equipment in time with the technological advancement in the relevant field. Temperature, displacement, angular displacement, speed, flow are measured using transducer, LVDT, capacitor transducer, photo and magnetic speed pick up, rotometer devices. The latest equipment for this field have been installed and facilities provided for testing and analyzes in order that the students have a hands on experience.

  • Metallurgy and Instrumentation Lab

Machine Tools and Metrology Lab

Students get hands on experience on lathe, slotting, milling, drilling, cylindrical grinding, shaping and planning etc. And also different types of precision instruments like vernier, sine bar, surface plate are used for measuring linear, angular, surface measurements.

  • Machine Tools and Metrology Lab

Mechanics of Solids Lab

Material properties such as tensile strength, hardness, impact strength, shear strength etc. are experimentally measured using Torsion, Impact, Brinell and Rockwell hardness testing machines. Universal testing machine have been installed to study the details for checkingmechanical properties of the materials.

Thermal Engineering Lab

2-stroke 4-stroke SI and CI Engines are provided for studying their characteristics like Thermal efficiency, fuel consumption for unit power output, economic speed etc. Test rigs are provided with exhaust gas analysis setup for exhaust gas analysis. Refrigeration and air-conditioning test rigs are provided to analyze coefficient of performance (COP) and mass flow rate of refrigerant required for a given load.

  • Thermal Engineering Lab

Heat and Mass Transfer Lab

Thermal conductivity, heat transfer coefficient Stephen Boltzemen constants for various metals are evaluated using various apparatus. Experimental setups are provided with the required arrangements for conducting experiments and analyzing conductivity and conversion heat transfer coefficients


College has state of art cad/cam lab. The students are trained to use computers for design and manufacturing. Facilities are provided for making real time models. The lab is equipped with softwares such as autocad, catia (modeling) and ansys (finite element analysis).