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R & D Cell

Research and Development

To encourage students and faculty to carry cutting edge and multi-disciplinary research and innovative thinking to develop innovative ideas into reality in collaboration with industry.

PVKKIT focuses on the continual improvement of the Research and Development activities by each department.

To equip students so they take part in national level competitions like paper presentations, technical quizzes and modal presentations.

To participate in Ideathon competitions at the national and international levels.

To encourage students to start up a business by incubating their ideas.

To motivate students so they develop innovative ideas.

To build and encourage students across the institution by conducting institutional level idea competitions.

To focus on thrust areas viz, guest lectures, and workshops.

To promote practical training through frequent industrial visits.

To publish research papers in the peer-reviewed journal,

To encourage students and faculty to organize/participate in national/ international symposiums/workshops/conferences faculty development programs so they gain knowledge through expert interactions.

In continuation of the said activities, PVKKIT also encourages all faculty to start and stay involved as active participants of the professional bodies of the respective department.

Management of PVKKIT also sponsors funding to each respective department throughout the course helping students realize their ideas.

PVKKIT firmly believes in the importance of the field of R&D. Fully equipped and participated R&D wing at PVKK IT Labs are exclusively used by students for Research and Development in all disciplines and are engaged in R&D and consultancy activities. The R&D cell promotes and organizes conferences, seminars, workshops and Faculty Developments, etc


To encourage students to bring out their hidden abilities in various disciplines of Engineering.

To offer a platform for all PVKK IT students so they comprehend and believe themselves.

To produce an innovative platform for the students to discover, develop, deploy and express their skills and talents.

To encourage students to require to participate in Hackathons & product development, Technical Tutorials.

To encourage students to hold out their hidden abilities in varied disciplines of Engineering.

To acquire new Scientific and Engineering knowledge.

To design novel methodologies altogether the fields of Engineering and Technology.

To develop new tools and techniques to address the drawbacks of rural and social problems.

To incubate the ideas of students and turn them into successful researchers.

To encourage the students to register their innovations and different intellectual creations to get patent, copyright, trademark, design etc.

To encourage the faculty for applying for research grants from national, international and private funding agencies, research institutions, Scientific Associations and other financial Bodies.

Organizing conferences, workshops, seminars, Symposiums and different research orientating events at the national and International level.

Create awareness about entrepreneurship and conduct activities for entrepreneurship development programs.

Consultancy works

PVKKIT Research Consultancy Services are started to extend the technical support from the faculties to address the issues in all disciplines. The main focus is to serve the society and spread the technology and to share the facilities available in the institution to all.

Consultancy Services offered by PVKKIT