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Dr. Palle Venkata Krishna Kishore M.S (USA), Ph.D

Chairman, Sri Balaji Educational Society

I deem it a great privilege and even a greater responsibility to take on the mantle of the passing generation leadership in guiding this educational society to the next level and leading it to a more successful evolution.


Dr. Palle Venkata Krishna Kishore Reddy is a visionary and an entrepreneur with international exposure. Dr. Kishore holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Loyola University Chicago, IL in the USA. He had been the director on board for close to two decades and has been resolved to take over the society as Chairman by the board.

Dr. Kishore Palle has a strong academic background, graduated from JNTUA and MS from Loyola University Chicago, IL and also earned a Doctorate from the Prestigious Central Christian University, Florida. He is also a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Certified Solution Developer from Microsoft and a Six Sigma Certified Professional for Process Management. He also plays an active role as the CEO and Vice President – Technical Services in i-VERSA Inc. & i-VERSA Pvt. Ltd. His other international ventures include VanVia Group a Holdings Corporation with an extremely diverse portfolio of 4 private limited companies

  • VanVia Foods
  • VanVia Organics and Fertilizers
  • VanVia Consulting Corp
  • VanVia Projects and Constructions

Before venturing into other verticals, Dr Palle had been a technical expert in IT field for over 18 years in US working with major corporations like Microsoft, Kraft Foods, Volvo Automobiles and many more. Dr. Palle’s work experience and exposure included variety of roles from a software engineer to Solutions Architect to Team Leader to Senior Vice President where he lead a team of over 2500 engineers working on hundreds of project deliveries.

His exposure on the diverse international platforms has endowed him a wide sprectrum of rich knowledge across various domains.His work was appreciated and is a recipient of awards from independent authorities in fields like Global Directory, Young Entrepreneurs of IT, Investment Forum and more.

His multifarious exposure in various international projects has helped him use his innovative ideas in streamlining the opportunities into more prolific and prospective ones to augment the progress of students at SBES. His unrelenting support to all the progressive endeavours has carved a niche for all the institutions under SBES. Under his guidance, he has replaced the age old policies and infused globally relevant dynamic concepts of education. He is diligent in propagating good education by maintaining a rapport with students and staff alike. His need based initiatives were a source of motivation for all the students and the faculty members working at SBES.

With a penchant to serve society, he has established a Trust in remembrance of his mother, “Sri Palle Uma Memorial Trust”. The trust, adopts villages and students who are economically under privileged to provide them and care for them. Each year over 1000 students are sponsored through the trust and he is often quoted by his close aides as A Simple person with a Grand vision.

Our society thanks him immensely for all his contribution in devising plans to put our students and staff over society; the thought process which led to many innovative schemes like, Health Insurance to all Employees, PF and Gratuity to Seniors, and the unprecedented Accidental Death Benefit policy to staff, students and parents. We look up to Dr. Palle to evolve ourselves, our society and continually find a better way to impart quality education to our students under his chairmanship.


  • Ph.D., Central Christian University, Florida, USA
  • M.S., Computer Science, Loyola University, Chicago, USA
  • B.Tech., Computer Science, JNTUA


"Quality Education is Everyone’s Right."

For close to three decades now, Sri Balaji Educational Society has been producing a horde of graduates on a successful and critically admired platform. Many of our students achieved great professional success and academic acclaim throughout the country of India and abroad alike.

What started as a vision of one college by Sri. Dr. Palle Raghunatha Reddy, a scholar, a philanthropist, professor in Chemistry and a stalwart among academicians, with dual Ph.D. degrees, is now an Organization which that runs over 45 independent college bodies with over 18000 students and 2500 + staff.

I deem it a great privilege and even a greater responsibility to take on the mantle of the passing generation leadership in guiding this educational society to the next level and leading it to a more successful evolution.

The next five years, the focus will be on academic excellence and producing more employable and intellectually gifted individuals so a better community is built. All students are nurtured with individualized and personalized care at their respective institute and will be provided with an abundance of practical exposure as part of their academic training where we become the launching pad for their career and personal success.

You would find a wealth of learning opportunities at all institutions run by the Sri Balaji Educational Society that would serve as an essential stepping stone to a fulfilling life and career.

We firmly believe that the face of any country can only be changed by her educated populace.

Thank you for choosing Sri Balaji Educational Society and we continually strive to improve and live up to our students’, parents’ and our stakeholders’ expectations.

With Best Regards,

Kishore R. Palle


Chairman – Sri Balaji Educational Society