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Student Activities Cell

PVKK Institute of Technology


  1. The Students' Activity Cell (SAC) of PVKKIT helps the students explore their co- and extra-curricular abilities along with their academic pursuit.
  2. The main objective of SAC is to complement the academic experience of our students with extra-curricular programs that promote social and personal development.
  3. These activities create avenues to meet with various people thereby helps in socialization, self-identification and self-assessment.


The main objective of SAC

The Students' Committee
The Cell organizes number of Inter and Intra
  1. The Students' Committee is formed and operates under the purview of it
  2. The Cell organizes number of Inter and Intra-college competitions, seminars/workshops and other activities throughout the year to help and encourage the students to pursue their interest in different fields along with academics.
  3. The Cell also runs students' clubs for various co and extra-curricular activities.