About Policies

PVKKIT adopts a policy of recruiting a team of best possible Faculty capable of moulding the careers of students.

Institution PVKKIT and the Society (SBES) follow an “Inclusive growth” policy, benefiting all the stakeholders.

PVKKIT adopts a policy of encouraging meritorious and academically bright students, in need with appropriate scholarships/financial assistance.

Policy aimed at adopting best possible academic standards.

Policy of ‘Zero Tolerance’ for drug use, harassment, ragging and gender discrimination.


All students to follow uniform dress code

Maintenance of discipline given utmost priority on the campus

Strict adherence to academic schedules is emphasized

Fool proof system for the conduct of all examinations to be followed


All processes aimed at improving academic standards and regulations prescribed by the affiliating University, JNTUA

All mandatory processes, prescribed by the regulatory bodies AICTE, UGC to be implemented in total

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