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Profiles of Governing Body Management Members

Sri Palle Venkata Krishna Kishore

Sri Palle Venkata Krishna Kishore is the Chairman of the SBES, formed over three decades ago, which runs more than 45 Educational Institutions across the entire Anantapur (combined) District, PVKKIT being the flagship Institution of the group of Colleges.

After taking over as Chairman in end of 2018, Sri Kishore, a Doctorate in CSE from the USA, has been spearheading the growth and development of the Society and the Institution, His vision was instrumental in the transformation of the College into one of the leading Engineering College in the region of Rayalseema of A.P. State.

Sri N Sankar Reddy

Sri N Sankar Reddy, former IPS Officer, who retired as the DGP of the South Indian State of Kerala, Sri Reddy is serving as the Director of Development & Advancements, SBES from 2020 onwards.

An administrator, with a vast experience, he has been serving the Society and the Institution with commitment.

Smt. Palle Sindhura Reddy, Treasurer, SBES

Smt. Palle Sindhura Reddy received Bachelor’s Degree from the Amrita School of Engg., Tamilnadu and Master’s from Amrita University, Kerala. She joined the Board of Management of the SBES in the year 2018 as the Treasurer. She took the lead in the restructuring of priorities of the Society and the Institute, PVKKIT, leaving a positive impact on both.